Personal finance

Introduction to personal financial decision-making

Much of finance is focused on the study of financial institutions, markets and securities. In other words, finance tends to take an institution- or product-centric view. Our personal finance subjects focus on the person and discuss key aspects of a person’s financial life.

Many personal financial decisions, such as the decision how much to save for retirement or how to invest retirement savings, are extremely complex. And so is personal financial behaviour. In these subjects we look at the many facets of personal financial decision-making, drawing on the disciplines of finance, economics, decision theory, psychology, neuroscience and law. We discuss pitfalls of financial decision-making as well as ethical aspects of personal finance.

The subjects draw on recent research in finance, psychology, neuroscience as well as computer science (artificial intelligence).

We currently offer the following undergraduate and Masters subjects on personal finance at The University of Melbourne:

Introductory Personal Finance (undergraduate, Semester 1)
Street Finance (undergraduate, Semester 1)