Congratulations to Kristian Rotaru! Commonwealth Bank Rising Star Award for Financial Wellbeing

Kristian Rotaru, from Monash University’s Monash Business School and the Brain and Mental Health Lab (seen here with Cass Sunstein, co-author of “Nudge”) has been awarded the Commonwealth Bank Rising Star Award for Financial Wellbeing at the 2018 International Behavioural Exchange Conference. The Rising Star Awards are awarded for research which demonstrates outstanding potential in addressing financial wellbeing challenges by applying behavioural science insights. Kristian’s research (titled “Mitigating Cognitive Biases Through Evidence-Based Training Schemes: The Case of The Disposition Effect“, and co-authored with BMMLAB members Peter Bossaerts and Nitin Yadav, and LaTrobe University researcher Petko Kalev) examines a novel way to train investors to reduce the disposition effect in a way that exploits individuals’ capacity to abstract from one’s own situation and history in order to determine the intentions of others, known as Theory of Mind (ToM).

Congratulations Kris!