From choice to computation to spikes, and back: Workshop on neuroeconomics

Carsten Murawski, principal investigator in the Brain, Mind & Markets Lab, will give a workshop ‘From choice to computation to spikes, and back: Why we need computer science and neuroscience to understand economic behaviour’ on 7 February 2018 at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. In the workshop, held as part of the 2018 Asia Pacific Economic Science Association Conference, he will show how integrating decision theory with computational complexity theory and neurobiology can lead to important insights into economic behaviour.

On Saturday, 10 February, Carsten Murawski will give a lecture ‘Finance as computation, and its limits’ as part of the Society for Experimental Finance Asia Pacific Regional Conference at Queensland University of Technology. In the lecture, he will present evidence from experiments showing how computational complexity negatively affects the quality of market prices, and explain how these results challenge the notion of market efficiency, a core tenet of modern finance theory, practice and policy-making.