Experimental Finance Summer School 2017

The Brain, Mind & Markets Lab will be co-organising the first Experimental Finance Summer School, to be held at the School of Economics and Management, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis (France).

The goal of this summer school is to support PhD-students and PostDocs in their first steps in this field. This Summer School aims particularly for people from the following target groups:
i) (Young) scholars from finance (and economics) departments that do not benefit from a research group at their University, but are interested in pursuing research in Experimental Finance.
ii) Scholars from finance and economics departments that are embedded in an experimental group but want to improve their experimental skills (e.g., software) and get an overview over the main fields in a systematic way.

The Experimental Finance Summer School is held from June 11-13 and is run in the days before the Experimental Finance conference (http://www.experimentalfinance.org) at the same venue. The program includes lectures on seminal topics in experimental finance, experimental design and methods, and experimental tools (particularly addressing state-of-the-art software packages).

For further information and for registering to the Summer School, please follow this link: http://www.experimentalfinance.org/conferences/ef-summer-school-2017.